What does GARS do?

GARS rescues and provides sanctuary for small equine (Miniature Horses, Ponies and Donkeys).  Elderly or medically unfit are brought into the sanctuary, while younger horses, the goal is to rehabilitate and find them a permanent forever home.

GARS can also provide respite for owners with temporary care of their animals (when we can) for those that have been displaced, are moving or having a family emergency.  GARS can also come to your home and make recommendations and/or counsel you on proper care.  All in a nonjudgmental way.  We’re about the care of the horses, and helping people is part of that!  Contact GARS for pricing structure.

GARS can provide rehabilitation for active founder, weight issues, and lameness.  We work closely with a couple of veterinarians – Wayne Wulfe and Ellie Tortosa – along with farrier & dental team – Ethan and Jessica Stohlman.  Please contact GARS for price structure.

GARS can also provide therapy sessions onsite or at our facility.

Education is key and GARS is more than happy to arrange educational visits.


How can I help?

Volunteer, in-kind donations, financial support are all needed year-round!



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