Ready for Adoption

GARS has a selection of Minis ready for adoption.  We work with them regularly and fully disclose all information we have regarding the horses history and behavior.  If you are interested in one of them, send us an email or call so we can discuss your situation and get the application in process.  (See the app on our forms page).

Adoption fee is $500 for any one of the horses, unless specified separately.

Frankie. 15 yr old unregistered Gelding.    Height: 36″   Color: black

Frankie would make a great companion Mini as he does not do well alone and enjoys other horses company.  He has foundered in the past so needs to be watched for that.  GARS gives him Chasteberry (an ounce a day) to assist with this and we use hoof conditioner on his hooves in the summer.


Dani and Clem (bonded pair/go together) 20+ yrs old  Height:  32-34″  Color:

Clem is a bay pinto in her mid to possibly late 20s. She has bonded with Dani and definitely needs another Mini companion if her and Dani cannot be placed together.

She is a shy mare that has not had much handling, but very sweet mare.  Her history is unknown because she was adopted from the ASPCA by the previous owner. 

Whiskey. 13 yr old unregistered Gelding.    Height: 32″   Color: seal bay

Whiskey is not the most photogenic horse but he has a heart of gold and he absolutely loves people!

He is around 13 years old and he came to GARS from an animal control court case.  Whiskey had a serious injury (scar on his lower back), as he lived with two full sized stallions and one took a chunk out of him when the mare in the adjacent pen went into heat.  A vet was not called, the former owners, did some minor surgery without benefit of anesthesia to remove the flap of skin and he scarred the way he scarred!  Animal control removed him from this awful situation.

He loves people and is very inquisitive and would make a great human companion, trick pony or pasture ornament! (He’d love to be a house Mini!)

Trixter.  7 yr old unregistered Gelding.    Height:     Color:  Sorrel Pinto

trickster 0716

He has club feet which need to be trimmed monthly.  Possibly can be trained to cart.  He will require a knowledgeable person as he has an Alpha type personality and is very lively/playful.

Mitey.   18 yr old unregistered Miniature Gelding.    Height: 34″   Color: Bay

Bitey 0716

This is Mitey. He is a gelding in his late teens.  He came to GARS with ski hooves from neglected trimming.  He was tested for cushings (negative) and diabetes (also negative).

He is very loving and is quite a talker. He is currently bonded to a permanent resident and need to have a home with another mini.

During the summer months he needs to have hoof moisture conditioner for his hooves because they get as hard as rocks. 

Lucky.  Unregistered Miniature Gelding.  Height:  Color: Red

lucky 0716

Lucky is not available yet.  He is a suspicious and cautious Mini and is going to need a steady hand and consistent care and calm gentle training with his new family.  He also has ulcers which has led to chronic colic.  We’re working closely with a veterinarian to get his stomach and gut in working order before he will be available for adoption.

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