Rosie is an unregistered pony.  We’re not sure if she’s a shetland, welsh, cross or ???  She came to GARS from the Butte County Animal Control after she was seized from the previous owners.

rosie pony 0716 2

Rosie and a few of her former barn mates were found after they’d jumped a fence ot two escaping their previous home.  Two had broken legs and were euthanized on the spot.  According to Butte Animal Control, it took some time to catch Rose as she had the appearance of either abuse or never having been handled or some combination.  She has a total lack of trust of humans.

When she arrived at our facility, she immediate jumped the fence – fortunately into a pen with the other horses!  That seemed like an okay place to her and she’s remained with them.herd 072216 4

We’ve been working on her trust issues and it has helped she adopted another rescue from the Turlock Auction, Frankie (you can just see his head behind Rosie).  They’re quite bonded now.

Rosie still has an overwhelming flight instinct and must be contained during thunderstorms.  But she has made progress as we can now handle her and she doesn’t immediately flee.

We had hopes of eventually re-homing her, but it will depend on how she progresses over time and finding an ideal home that can take her and Frankie.

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