Sanctuary Residents

Here are the long term care residence of GARS Sanctuary.  These lovely Minis are all retired here at GARS to live out their final days in peace.  Many of the retirees are on special needs diets and/or require extra medical care.  GARS gladly accepts monthly support donations for a specific resident or for the general care and upkeep.


opal 0716

Opal unregistered mini.  Age ?   Opal came to GARS from a foaling facility in Corning. The previous owner had no interest in her after she had lost her foal.  Opal has had bouts of diarrhea and often stands in a parked out and has passed thick green gunk come out one nostril.  She was scoped at UC Davis and they identified a nasty ulcer that was healing.  An additional consultation with Sue Guillen, DVM, was that Opal was a rare horse that actually throws up!  Dr. Wulf has suggested a grain/extruded feed diet for her as they suspect she may have had Tansy poisoning as well.

Opal is a sweetie and does contribute as a therapy horse when the need arises!


rosie pony 0716 2

Rosie unregistered pony.  Age ?  She was picked up by Butte Animal Control after she and four others with her had escaped their former home and jumped their way to freedom.  Two of the others were euthanized on the spot with broken legs that were beyond repair.  Rosie was the hardest horse they’d ever had to catch according to Butte Animal Control.  She was not returned to her owner, but Animal Control cannot release details. She has total lack of trust with humans and jumped a fence as soon as she got here – fortunately into a pen with other horses!  She remained there, while we worked on her trust issues.  Fortunately, she found a buddy in Frankie (read more below) and they are quite bonded.  She still has an overwhelming flight instinct and must be contained during thunderstorms.  But she has made progress as we can now handle her and she doesn’t immediately flee.  We had hopes of eventually rehoming her, but it will depend on how she progresses over time.


frankie 0716

Frankie, unregistered gelding. Age ?  A friend asked me to attend the Turlock Auction, I didn’t really want to as GARS was low on funds.  The last Mini was a horse that a couple of the volunteer kids named Frankie.  Frankie cried around the clock for three days for his former home and buddies.  It was heart wrenching to listen to him crying constantly and in such distress.  On the fourth day, Rosie (read more above) went up to him and an instant bond was formed.  He has calmed down and seems happy in Rosie’s company.  As he is so attached to Rosie it would be hard to rehome him without her, and she has not progressed enough to consider that at this point.


Mardi Gras 12-01-10

Mardi. 23 yrs young.  She is a special case mare.  She’s extremely high strung and distrustful of most humans.  Her previous owner had sold her once, and she was returned in the condition above.  She had her evaluated by an animal communicator and was told she’d had her mind blown as a baby.  As she needed a forever home where she could be safe she was donated to GARS Sanctuary.  Mardi’s come a long way here at GARS, but will never fully trust most people.  She’s at peace here with some of her lifelong friends, such as Lalique.

Rosie (mini)

Rosie. 29 yrs young.  Rosie was a broodmare in her earlier days.  She has lost many of her teeth as she’s aged and suffers from joint stiffness.  She is on a special diet to allow for easier digestion.


lalique 071511

Lalique 23 years young.  She came to us as after she has been sold, then returned to her owner in poor condition.  For once not skinny – but grossly overweight and untrimmed for over a year.  Her hooves were trimmed back in to shape (which took six months).  We had planned to adopt her out as she is registered and fairly easy to handle, but she loves life here and is a good company for Mardi as they’ve been together most of their lives.

Cammy & Guess Who

 They are a bonded pair in their 20’s.  We aren’t certain if they’re sisters or mother/daughter.  Cammy has a wry nose and Guess has some lacing across her back – that’s the only difference!  Everything else – forehead markings, mane/tail, height and hoof growth are identical!

GARS originally was going to adopt them out but Cammy’s wry nose put people off for some reason and we don’t want them separated after a lifetime together, so they’re safe in the Sanctuary now!

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